Core Services

Knox Enterprises Inc. understands the importance of an organization investing in human assets, for they are not only fostering success, but providing the vehicle necessary for their employees to be productive in this highly competitive and diverse business culture. We can help your industry achieve its goals and objectives, as well as a solid return on your investment by offering the following platform:

Corporate/Nonprofit Governance: Strengthen the ability of an institution and its individual shareholders/stakeholders, to better understand their role as the "governing body". Providing the tools necessary to effectively execute and maintain a sound and efficient organizational structure.

Organizational Development: Enable an organization to utilize practical information, tools, and best practices in an effective manner to fulfill its mission/vision. Identifying methods that would improve gaps in communications, develop a consensual approach to decision making, and establish a process for enhancing a collaborative culture within the operation.

Ethics Management: Convey knowledge of current laws and policies regarding ethical issues such as, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and its impact on the Ethical standards of an organization. Develop plan of action that would address these dilemmas.

Program Design/Evaluation: Administer guidance and direction toward planning and implementing an evaluation process. One of three techniques will be employed to achieve results: goals-based, process-based or outcomes-based.

Comprehensive Needs Analysis: Perform organizational analysis to evaluate the business/company effectiveness. Recommend strategies that would furnish direction for improving the overall structure of the business ... download

Our Leadership Coaching is designed for trend-setters wanting to augment and improve their leadership skills. This one-on-one interactive customized instruction is outlined to focus on building and enhancing the core competencies of new and established leaders at the Executive, Board Director, Non-Profit Executive and Mid Manager Levels, through behavior guided coaching ... download

Knox Enterprises Inc. launched two signature services in April 2005.

These systems will foster and promote growth and development in Leadership and Small Business Governance.

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