Workforce Development

Knox Enterprises Inc. feels personal development on a continuous basis throughout an employee's career is paramount in today's competitive environment. Our Workforce Development component offers efficient, comprehensive and cost effective learning opportunities that will produce immediate and consistent results for today's business professionals in the areas of:

Seven Secrets a Successful Business Women Must Have: These tools are essential ingredients in the success of a business woman. Establish effective networks, strategic planning and risk taking, understanding your business culture and what it takes to stay ahead of the pack, creating a balance between home and work, developing an effective communications/marketing plan and how to increase your company's visibility.

Understanding an Organization's Purpose, Vision and Values: Exploring the unique differences between the organization purpose, vision and its values, create techniques that would establish agreement and consensus within your company and teams. Construct an action plan.

Time Management, Problem Solving and Task Management for Business People: Interpreting the fundamental elements of practical time management, problem solving, and task management; incorporating them into a workable plan.

Leadership Development for the New Leader: Transitioning into the new leadership role, managing work group performance sufficiently, accessing, and addressing performance problems, creating a productive work environment and goal setting.

Conflict Resolution: Exploring types of conflicts, understanding the nature and theories of conflict, discovering your personal approach as the manager in dealing with conflict, applying a conflict resolution process, building win- win relationships.

Knox Enterprises Inc. can customize seminars/workshops to meet the specific needs of the client, and provide seminar speakers if needed.

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